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Govtofficials trying to peer into the future in an uncertainworld have a poor strike rate too. Bank of England chiefeconomist Andrew Haldane in January described the economiccommunity’s lack of foresight to prepare for the financialmeltdown in 2008 and the Brexit vote as a “Michael Fishmoment.” The hapless Fish, a UK weather forecaster,during a live broadcast dismissed chances of a hurricanehitting the south of England in 1987. The hurricane struckwithin hours. Dr John McDermott, the RBNZ’s assistantgovernor and head of economics, recently went into bat forthe much-maligned forecasters. McDermott said forecasting isa valuable part of the monetary policy process- it helps theRBNZ plan, communicate its intentions and react tounexpected events. Most important, he says “forecastingis not supposed to be prophecy.” Rather, “it is aboutbeing precise about our thinking.” Forecasts also helppeople form expectations of the future and guide theiractions. This defence of the art of the forecaster – oris it a craft? – will have been welcomed by officials atthe Treasury, just across the road from the RBNZ. Theirlatest forecasts are now enshrined in print in this year’sBudget.

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